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​General Description of Work

Performs appropriate level life support work in the Emergency Medical Services program. Work involves responding to the scene of emergency and non-emergency calls, applying necessary medical treatment to sick or injured persons, and transporting persons to a medical facility. Work includes participating in community outreach education and prevention programs, preparation of vehicles, cleaning of vehicles, building and grounds, participating in continuous in-service training, and providing assistance to members of volunteer emergency medical service organizations, as requested. Special working conditions: Employees are exposed to the normal hazards of emergency rescue work, including risk of exposure to human body fluids and infectious diseases, thus the work is subject to the OSHA requirements for blood borne pathogens.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

A successful person in this position must possess:

 Considerable knowledge of and skill in administering emergency medical procedures and techniques, anatomy, and physiology.

 Considerable knowledge of emergency procedures based on you certification level and skill in recognizing adverse conditions

 Considerable knowledge of equipment and supplies employed in emergency care of patients and accident victims.

 Considerable knowledge of county geography and locations of roads and streets

 Skill in recognizing trauma and signs and symptoms of medical emergencies to determine appropriate treatment.

 Ability to respond quickly and calmly in emergencies and stressful situations

 Ability to work with diverse socioeconomic populations based on unique situations encountered.

 Ability to safely drive an emergency vehicle in adverse conditions and according to motor vehicle laws.

 Ability to communicate in and effectively tactful and firm manner with the public

 Ability to accurately record services provided on required forms.


Education, Training, and Experience

Must possess NC Office of Emergency Medical Services credential based on the level in which you are applying. Graduation from high school and experience in advanced emergency medical service work at the credentialed level; or any equivalent combination of training and experience. .


To Apply:

Submit a Pembroke Rescue Squad employment application to Pembroke Rescue Squad, Attn: Tammy Garcia, PO Box 385 Pembroke, NC 28372. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of squad applications. A separate application is required for each position for which you want to apply.

Pembroke Rescue Squad is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The squad prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, color, creed, national origin, age, or disability.

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Available Positions

Crash Team Volunteer
EMS Volunteer