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Emergency Medical Services

Pembroke Rescue & EMS operates at the medical level of Paramedic and is the primary rescue response agency in the Pembroke area.

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is an important benefit for people who need assistance getting to and from medical appointments, discharges from medical facilities, and long-distance transports.  We provide BLS and ALS medical transportation as well as Wheelchair Van and Sedan transportation. 


We are a Modivcare Transportation Provider and our drivers and crew members are certified meeting Modivcare training standards. To schedule a transport call 910-521-2742

Non-Emergency Transportation Services

Community Medic Services

Special Event Coverage

Provides medical coverage of many large public gatherings each year. We may offer EMS coverage for some smaller events if given ample notice. These services are customized based on the event and the need for coverage.  

Chaplin Services

Junior Rescue Cadet Program

Youth Development Program

Community medic program is a relatively new and evolving healthcare model. It allows paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to operate in expanded roles by assisting with public health and primary healthcare and preventive services to underserved populations in the community. The goal is to improve access to care and avoid duplicating existing services.

Some rural patients lack access to primary care and use 9-1-1 and emergency medical services (EMS) to receive healthcare in non-emergency situations. This can create a burden for EMS personnel and health systems in rural areas. Community paramedics can work in a public health and primary care role to address the needs of rural residents in a more efficient and proactive way.

Rescue Operations Division

Firefighter Rehabilitation

Pembroke Rescue Squad offers many specialty rescue services and operations.  These rescue services range from Crash Rescue Team, Search & Rescue, Swift Water Rescue , SCUBA Dive Rescue Team, Agriculture Rescue, Confined Space Rescue as well as drone pilots for special rescue operations.

Firefighter rehabilitation is the process of providing rest, rehydration, nourishment, and medical evaluation to members who are involved in extended or extreme incident scene operations.  Pembroke Rescue provides these services to our rescue teams as well as to other departments upon request.

Our Chaplin services are in place to give aid, comfort and help to EMT’s and their families; to work toward the betterment of all areas of the rescue, fire and emergency medical service. To serve God, to aid humanity, our communities, our government, our religions, our Country and the quality of life; to help mankind in developing their most noble characteristic-that of serving others; to help bring about a better understanding among all people with mutual harmony and respect regardless of one’s level of authority; and to achieve a single healing, unifying spirit of love for God and each other.

Our Chaplin services are also available to the families we serve in time of need and loss.

Recognizes the need for this initiative to reach out to North Carolina’s youth and engage them in non-operational roles within our squad. Reaching out to people when they are young has long-range effects and encouraging youth to take part in the emergency services is extremely beneficial to local communities.

Benefits of junior programs include:

  • Allowing youth to gain insight and interest in becoming long-term members of the emergency services

  •  Increasing awareness among youth about volunteering and supporting the fire and rescue services

  •  Providing the squad with additional help in accomplishing non-firefighting or non-emergency tasks

  •  Leadership development for America’s youth who will be tomorrow’s leaders

  •  Educating parents and mentors on the importance of encouraging volunteerism

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